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Star Metalheads
Accepting all metalheads, rockers and just ppl who are cool!

Group Founder: seksi_c
Description: Fun and cool group. talk about metal, rock, alternative, grunge!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 99
Category: Music > Alternative

Topics (11)

go Sweet bands (3) vinzel
Im searchin for a sweet band that few people know of... But not screemo

go Devil driver :D (2) d3ad_grl
ing AMAZING band what you guys think?

go Floffing Molly (3) mancubus
wat you dudes and dude'ts think

go people equal (5) ophiator
is it possible to be over 16 and still take slipknot seriously??

go Exodus (0) khraw89
Which exodus alb*m do you think is the most brutal?